5 Critical Reasons to Update Your Website Regularly

Is your website traffic and revenue generating what you expected? Are you seeing the return on invest from your website?  If not, what is the problem?

Maybe you started strong by hiring a professional website design business. They built an awesome looking website along with the recommended package. The package included search engine optimization (SEO) with the correct keywords, social media, sign up newsletter and content. Soon the novelty of your website lost its youthful lustre and left in the dust. You slid back into focusing on other aspects of your business. A very common problem is building your website, and then forgetting it.

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How often do you think about updating and maintaining your website? If you cannot remember, maybe it is time to seriously consider getting it done. Think about it. All your online traffic leads back to your website. It is necessary to keep your website fresh and maintained properly; it is the hub to your business online presence. Updating your website regularly will help you be found online.

Here are 5 critically important reasons update your website:

  1. Security

Security is one of the top reasons to keep your website up-to-date. Hackers are looking for easy access on a daily basis to damage and exploit websites. It is not a matter of how, rather it is a matter of when your website could be under attack by a hacker. A primary indication a hacker has gained access is through outdated software; this creates loopholes and opens a doorway to infect your website with malware. A sign your website has been hacked is receiving spam messages or your browser is opening unfamiliar pages. By updating your website regularly reduces hackers from finding loopholes and doorways to cause nuisances.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The internet search engines love fresh content. The more frequent you update your website with fresh content; the more frequent search engines will visit your website. Social Driven Sales is a Kelowna search engine marketing company. As far as content quality, Google ranking does not recognize content as good or bad. It looks as how much traffic engagement, the frequency, and the length of time visitors stay on your website.

The opposite happens when no new content is uploaded to your website. If your website has not been updated with new content for a while, search engines stop crawling and your website rankings drop significantly in google search. This allows your competitors to be found in online search before your website appears.

  1. Social Media Networking

Networks are for connecting in person and over online social network sites such as Facebook or twitter. As both are important to build your business brand, it is crucial to have current, updated information on your website and social media sites. It does not give the best impression if you hand a business card to a potential client with ink scratch marks over an old email address then hand-written your new contact information. Nor is it impressive when a potential client visits your social media sites and sees no activity for a very long time. As well observes your website and sees the design is dated and the last update was 5 years ago.

Your website is an extension of what your business product or services. When it is disorganized and looks neglected, it’s a reflection of your business performance.

  1. Responsive Website

Technology has come a long way since the original personal computer. In today’s business world, technological advancements dictate people are more likely to visit your website on a mobile device or tablet. Technology has also created a culture of instant gratification and convenience. Potential clients have at their disposal, the ease of scrolling through a cell phone or other hand-held device to locate what they want instead of turning to a desktop computer.

A good-looking website helps but a responsive web design in today’s competition is a given expectation. There are two basic factors necessary for a responsive web design; screen resolution and navigation. If your website is not properly optimized with these two factors, the likelihood is it is not displaying properly on any hand-held device and will not be viewed.

  1. Tracking your performance

Your website is a powerful and valuable tool for studying your ideal markets interests and needs. It provides lots of information about your customers/clients. Updates for traffic with the correct keywords are used to find your website gives insight from data content visitors are viewing. Consider it a gold mine to learn what your target clients are looking for in your campaigns, buying patterns, page visits, the possibilities are endless.

[bctt tweet=”Your website is an extension of yourself. It is your branding platform for your business.” username=”socialdsales”]

Your website is an extension of yourself. It is your branding platform for your business. It is critical to continuously change your website with fresh content, images, videos, and lead generation forms. Most importantly, make sure your website is optimised and updated regularly.

Do you like your website? Are any of the points listed above missing in your website? Thinking update website for your business? Give us a call to find more how your website can get noticed and stay that way.

Published by: Mike Cooper - Founder of Black Mountain Media

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