Close – 3 Tips how to Increase Sales and Close More Deals

As described in an earlier blog post, lead generation main purpose is to draw in new business and turn them into long-term customers.

Attract More Leads by making your Website Desirable explains how lead generation is a process not an event. How you set up your processes is the key to attract, convert, close, and retain your new customers.

The next step in the sales process is to Convert – How to get Prospects to Take Action. People visit your website for a purpose. The main goal to convert is to have your prospects take some form of action when they visit your website or view your landing page. Have a call to action with a lead generation form. When it comes to trust factor make sure visitors to your website feel safe to download or to purchase items.

It’s important to understand the process takes time and persistence. The setup of each stage of the process is key to attract, convert, close, and retain your new customers. The next step in the sales process for Kelowna online marketing is closing the deal.

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The checkout

Your new customer has gone through the process all the way to the checkout. Suddenly for whatever reason abandons the purchase. Why does this happen? What makes a customer hesitate or stop completing the purchase? There are several reasons why a customer aborts at the checkout. Instead of feeling defeated by your customer, see it as an opportunity to persuade them to purchase one more time. Before the customer is gone forever, it is absolutely crucial to have a backup plan at this stage.

One way to combat and make this a win-win is to retarget with advertisements. If the customer abandons at the last minute, set up an auto-response follow up message describing products and services you provide. Continue the Kelowna online marketing conversation for your business to stay top of mind with the customer.

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No surprise fees

Make sure you are upfront throughout the entire checkout process of any shipping or other fees. It is crucial to build the trust factor and customer loyalty. Make sure to stay transparent by being upfront with your pricing. Adding unexpected fees and taxes to your customers bill comes across as sneaky, deceiving. Mistrust will have customers abandon and take their purchasing decision-making power elsewhere. Bottom line is make sure your Kelowna online marketing is clear what you offer is what your customer will receive.


Up-selling is a Kelowna online marketing gold mine of opportunity to increase your sales. Here is where last minute temptations for spontaneous or after thought purchases happen. Make your Kelowna online marketing at the checkout as easy and convenient for your customer to purchase additional items. Anything from accessories, additional security, extended warranty, to gadgets. Think of creative ways adding value to extra Kelowna online marketing purchases. Think like a customer, ask the question. Why you should and need to add this to your shopping cart. Provide descriptions many uses from extra security, peace of mind, or just fun to have the additional items.

Take advantage of up-sell to increase purchases by your customers. To keep customers coming back set up an automatic response email message. Send a thank you message for every purchasing transaction. Include in the thank you message to offer discounts and special coupon codes on their next purchase.

Do you have a Kelowna online marketing shopping cart on your website? Are you thinking of adding one to your website? Need help to increase sales and close more deals? Contact us to learn more how we can help you with Kelowna online marketing. Let’s start the conversation.

Published by: Mike Cooper - Founder of Black Mountain Media

“Storytellers rule the world”  – Plato

There’s nothing more powerful than the narrative. Not a single thing on earth was accomplished that didn’t first start as a narrative.

Sales and marketing are simply creating and mastering the narrative that connects your business with your ideal clients and compels them to buy.

If your marketing isn’t attracting and convincing your ideal clients to buy from you, there’s a 99% chance your narrative is off. Contact us for a FREE narrative audit TODAY!