Have you ever gone to log into your website and found nothing was there?

Has your server done a restore and you found that your website is missing all your recent content that was added this last month?

Server crashes happen, even to the largest companies. Data can become corrupt or lost all to often. They key is having a back up and a back up of your back up.

If your website is made with WordPress (which we specialize in) there is some great options out there to back up your website off of your hosting provider (which we always recommend). In this case we like the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin. The best thing about it is that you can set it, and forget it!

Once you set it to do daily, weekly, or monthly back ups you can forget about it. Another great thing about it is it backs it up to DropBox on the cloud and if you have DropBox on your computer it’s saved there a swell. So now you have your server back up, your DropBox backup and your computer back up.

Both the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin and DropBox are free to use and Dropbox is a great tool you will find many uses for as a business owner to share files from computer to computer or to your clients. Go to the DropBox website and set up an FREE account before proceeding.

We have found a video below that we think explains how to set all of this up really easy, enjoy!