How to get higher rankings on your youtube video

Step #1: Upload videos directly to YouTube

Google owns YouTube, and they want YouTube to be used. Naturally they will rank videos on YouTube before any other video website like Vimeo. If you wish to use Vimeo for other reasons that’s great, but if your looking to gain SEO traffic with your video YouTube is the way to go.

Step #2: Embed the video onto your website

Embedding your video on your website helps with your sales conversions as well as gets your existing traffic to see the video. The amount of times a video is viewed helps get it ranked on Google.

Step #3: Embed videos on pages with text

Search engines want to know what your content on the video is about. Make sure you have text on the page describing the video. Having some before the video and after will help.

Step #4: Focus on long-tail keywords

The video title is important. It is what Google is most interested in when it comes to the term that is being used for a search. In other words, the title and search term need to match your video title. It’s much easier to rank videos for long-tail keywords like “how to unplug a sink”, so focus on them instead of going after generic keywords like “sink”.

Step #5: Create a YouTube channel

If you don’t already have one, create a YouTube channel. Make sure you create a channel name that is related to your industry. You can even go as far as creating a channel name that has your keyword in it.

Step #6: Build backlinks to your video

If you want to build links to your video, I recommend that you follow these 10 advanced techniques of getting authority links and these link-building tactics.


One advantage you have with videos over conventional SEO is that it is easier to get a YouTube video to rank on page 1 than it is to get a website to rank.

What that means is you can compete for rankings with well-established sites if you have optimized your videos correctly, giving you an equal footing with the competition.

Google’s algorithm to find and index videos will only get better over time…and the competition for these results will obviously get more fierce, which means first-page ranking will get tougher. So, if you haven’t created a video yet, you’d better hurry up.

What other SEO tactics do you use to rank videos on the first page of search results?

Published by: Mike Cooper - Founder of Black Mountain Media

“Storytellers rule the world”  – Plato

There’s nothing more powerful than the narrative. Not a single thing on earth was accomplished that didn’t first start as a narrative.

Sales and marketing are simply creating and mastering the narrative that connects your business with your ideal clients and compels them to buy.

If your marketing isn’t attracting and convincing your ideal clients to buy from you, there’s a 99% chance your narrative is off. Contact us for a FREE narrative audit TODAY!

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