How to Increase Facebook Traffic to Your Website

As Facebook is an amazing connection platform, the website remains the primary communication hub for many businesses and organizations. So how do you attract your Facebook fans to engage and visit your website? Well, it all boils down to savvy techniques of combining traditional and social channels to work together. A Social Media Marketing Kelowna business can help you create a plan.

The key to drawing people is to give them a reason, a purpose, a mission; yes, there needs to be a reward. An industry specific blog post, e-book, sign up on your email list, a coupon, or maybe purchase items online. Whatever it is,

5 tips to move your Facebook page fans to your website


1. Make sure to always have fresh, shareable content on your website

If your website never changes, no fresh content, new images, or no updates, it is going to be in a constant state of stagnation. The consequence of no action produces a struggle to get traffic to your site. Posting the same link such as your homepage to Facebook page continuously provides the same futile attempt as Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the hill.

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Fresh, new content for your website is important and necessary for sharing on your social media sites and increasing your rankings on search engine optimization. Google loves new content and rewards it by giving higher ranking. You don’t have to post 3 articles a week. Create new content once a week or at least once a month will help to increase website traffic.

2. Make it easy and convenient to share content

Sharing new content such as a blog post to Facebook from your website, best practice today is to upload a specific image. Add the URL after the description for your audience to click and open to your website page.

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If you don’t, Facebook has changed how it selects images. Before the image selected is the image from the page or blog post. Now Facebook selects images from your entire website providing viewers with a slider of images that are blurry and messy looking.

A few ideas what to post to Facebook is tip of the week, image showing a quote, or ask a question. For each Facebook update post you create to your wall, include an URL of your website specifically to a page or post pertaining to the topic.

Ask the question on your Facebook page wall to encourage comments. End by asking “Did you know”, or “Did you find this article helpful”, or “Feel free to share this post on your newsfeed”.

Rotate website page and blog post regularly to share on Facebook. We are inundated with information daily. So do not assume each new page or post is seen by all your followers the first time. Facebook moves rapidly as new content of text, quotes and videos continuously pour on the newsfeed.

Make sure to provide shareable Facebook buttons on your website. When creating content to share on Facebook, always remember to consider the value you’re bringing to your target audience.

3. Make sure your Facebook posts are optimized

Facebook algorithms pick up keywords from content people are reading and searching. By knowing what people are browsing and viewing on Facebook, keywords provide a huge advantage. While people scroll through there Facebook newsfeed and select post to view or read, it signals the algorithms you are interested in these topics.

Now there are some criteria Facebook has in place for people to view what you share on your newsfeed. The first is you need to be ‘friends’ on Facebook. For your Facebook page your ‘friends’ need to be invited and they can then “liked” your page. Facebook has also allowed people to ‘follow’ your personal page without being ‘friend’ by you.

Consider posting an image with a description and add a link to your website page or post pertaining to the topic.

On your Facebook page there are several places to add pages from your website to help with optimization. On your about page, list different URL’s from your website. As well take advantage of the service page. Provide a short description of each service your business provides along with the URL to the website page.

4. Advertise on your Facebook Page

Advertising on your Facebook page is a great option to target traffic. The larger your budget, the more newsfeeds your advertisement will appear on target audience Facebook newsfeed. As organic reach has been decreased significantly, advertising on Facebook has become necessary for marketing your website.

For best results to drive traffic to your website use Facebook Ads Manager. Do this by creating an ad to achieve a goal. One way is to create a call to action on your website. Be very clear and specific what it is you want visitors to your website need to do. Most importantly what is the reward. This could be a free downloadable e-book, a checklist, or sign up to a newsletter subscription. Consider special offers of downloadable coupons, a contest to win a prize (make it valuable to the target audience) or access to exclusive page(s) on your website.

Go through your website and see where a call to action can be added to direct traffic from your Facebook advertisement. Every page on your website has the potential to further your target audience along the sales funnel. Done properly Facebook advertising can help lead your target audience along the sales funnel.

5. Create a contest on your website

Engage your fans on Facebook with a link to a website page to enter a contest. Set it up to pique the interest of the target audience you want to attract. Build a contest with skill testing questions that makes it necessary to read and view content on your website. Give clues where to find the answers on different sections of your website. This is also great for your website search engine optimization.

Create a plan to let your target audience and the looky-loos see the results of the contest as they unfold on your Facebook page. Experiment with different contest ideas until you come up with a solid strategy. Contest are hit and miss so be patient as you develop a plan.

Most of all come up with innovative and resourceful ways for people to engage on your Facebook page to view your website. Ask questions to get the conversation going. Contact Social Driven Sales, your Social Media Marketing Kelowna connection. Find out how we can help you with your Social Media Engagement.

Published by: Mike Cooper - Founder of Black Mountain Media

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