Landing Pages are Great for Online Marketing

Landing Pages are a great platform for your online marketing. The reason being it draws prospects to react to an offer you are promoting. Known as a conversion form when filled out, it gives enough information as a soft lead for you to start the conversation.

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There is a distinct difference between a landing page and a website page. A page on a website is always visible. A landing page is not visible on a website. A direct link (URL) needs to be required to gain access to the landing page.

Purpose of a Landing Page

A landing page is a standalone, online billboard. The entire purpose of a landing page is to capture prospects contact information with an easy and convenient lead form. The concept is to draw interest from prospects to either sign up to download a product or service you are offering. A prospect is required to complete the form before being provided with the product or service. For example either signing up for a webinar or downloading an e-book.

[bctt tweet=”A landing page is a standalone, online billboard. ” username=”socialdsales”]

As a lead generator, landing pages are your call to action (CTA) platform for;

  • An upcoming event
  • Special you are offering services or products
  • Selling or introducing an e-book
  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • E-book
  • Enter a contest
  • Purchase products or services from your website
  • A survey to collect data
  • Request a quote

Pop Ups are a very effective method to attract attention

Landing pages are essential in developing an effective, online marketing strategy. Think of them as a funnel landing pad, directing prospects to complete a mission. Draw prospects to your landing page on your social media platforms, on your blog posts, e-newsletters, a link on your website. A very effective and successful method is with pop ups. A pop-up is a condensed version of your landing page that provides a link for prospects to gain entry. The pop up shows up on a website as you scroll down a page. It interrupts what you are viewing to draw your attention to the image. The prospect is prompted to take action and click to open up a page.

Inbound Marketing

A landing page needs to be seen as the core inbound marketing lead generation efforts. Yet is the most underutilized and forgotten marketing method for most businesses. The reason often is how to set up a landing page to be most effective. An often overlooked page is the actual thank you page of the set up. This is the page after the form has been completed to bring people to download or a code is provided that showcases the services or products your business provides. By listing or showing images with a brief description of each, followed by a call to action button, your prospects are prompted to click the button to open a page. This is key to developing a landing page. Next are the key components required for an effective landing page.

5 basic essentials of an amazing landing page

  1. Headline

The headline is what captures prospects attention. It is why they will click to open up to your landing page. Make your headline offer clear and concise. Think when creating the headline “what will my prospects gain by visiting this page?”

  1. Description

Content on the landing page needs to clearly and simply explain the value being offered. Most importantly it needs to be compelling. Showcase values by using bullet points, visibly stating the advantages of the product or services. Have the layout with short paragraphs that are brief and flow succinctly.

  1. Keywords

Keywords for inbound marketing need to be thought out carefully. Make sure to use them in your titles, headline, and through the landing page content. The purpose is so it is optimize for search engine results.

  1. Social Sharing Icons

Make it easy and convenient for prospects to share your landing page with their connections on all the social networks. The most popular being Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

  1. Lead Generation Form

The whole purpose of a landing page is to capture prospect contact information. This is the most critical element when building a landing page.  Lead capture or conversion forms are for prospects to submit information in exchange for the offer you are providing on your landing page. The goals is to turn a prospect into a sales lead.

  1. Images

An image speaks more clearly than words could ever say. Make sure to include a relatable image to give your prospects a tangible visual of the offer they will receive.

Now you know what a landing page is, how they facilitate lead generation, and most importantly, why you need them. A great way to attract, convert, and in the long run retain your client base. Either create it yourself or hire the expertise of Social Driven Sales. We are your online marketing Kelowna experts. Contact us start the conversation.

Published by: Mike Cooper - Founder of Black Mountain Media

“Storytellers rule the world”  – Plato

There’s nothing more powerful than the narrative. Not a single thing on earth was accomplished that didn’t first start as a narrative.

Sales and marketing are simply creating and mastering the narrative that connects your business with your ideal clients and compels them to buy.

If your marketing isn’t attracting and convincing your ideal clients to buy from you, there’s a 99% chance your narrative is off. Contact us for a FREE narrative audit TODAY!

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