No one cares about your marketing content…

I hate to break it to you, but no one cares about your marketing content…

But before you scroll past this post because it sounds negative, let me elaborate…

What I’m about to say is the #1 vital mistake businesses make over and over, and most can’t see how it kills their revenue.

Before I get to that point though, I have an odd question for you.

Have you ever been to a social gathering, networking event, or family reunion and met that annoying person who won’t shut up?

You know, the guy…

  • He has to always top the other person in the conversation.
  • He brags about all the adventures and accomplishments he’s had in his life
  • No matter how hard you try, you can never get a word in edge-wise. It’s all about him regardless of your efforts to re-direct the conversation.

All you want is a minute to be heard.

Yeah, that guy is super annoying.

Ok, back to the reason for my post…

Do me a solid and pull up your website home page. Have a look at the entire page and read everything it says.

Let me ask you to be brave, honest, and transparent with me.

Does it sound a little like that annoying guy who keeps talking about himself? Or does it open up the conversation with the visitor so they can feel understood and heard?

  • Does your home page describe what your clients look like?
  • Does it identify the problems they’re facing?
  • Do you explain the pain you help them avoid?

Do you clearly communicate how you help them solve their problems?

OR Does your website just talk about who you are? What you do, how long you’ve done it, what awards you’ve won, and how good you are.

Yeah, if it talks about you and not your ideal client…you’re THAT GUY!

It’s ok, you’re not alone. Most of us have been there. The great news is that you can change that TODAY!

The first step to changing this habit. And that comes with understanding this one key foundation of life.

No one cares about your marketing content until they first believe you care about them.

That’s what your marketing content needs to do first and foremost. Explain how you care. Then once the client understands this, then they’re open to hearing about you.

The second step is prioritizing the re-design of your website to communicate it. We helped a client walk through this process a few years ago, and the results they got were astonishing.

We didn’t change the amount of traffic going to the site or the sources it came from. We re-designed the website to get into the heads of their ideal clients, and it transformed their sales the first day we went live!

They went from getting zero leads in months and the phone barely ringing, to 3 leads the first day that they closed later that week.

I distinctly remember the client asking me…

“Hey, I know we went live today, I got three leads that came in and wanted to confirm that those are not tests from you?”

I laughed and said, “nope, those are real leads, your website is now doing what you hoped it would years ago“.

Here is that client’s website in case you wanted to see how their website puts their clients first in the conversation.

Here is the Google review they gave me shortly after.

But hey, this isn’t about me. This is about your marketing content.

I can promise you that you’re losing revenue because your marketing content makes it sound like you don’t care about your customers.

And I know that’s simply NOT the truth. You just need help communicating that and I have an opening if you’re open to getting that help.

Published by: Mike Cooper - Founder of Black Mountain Media

“Storytellers rule the world”  – Plato

There’s nothing more powerful than the narrative. Not a single thing on earth was accomplished that didn’t first start as a narrative.

Sales and marketing are simply creating and mastering the narrative that connects your business with your ideal clients and compels them to buy.

If your marketing isn’t attracting and convincing your ideal clients to buy from you, there’s a 99% chance your narrative is off. Contact us for a FREE narrative audit TODAY!

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