Welcome to your project dashboard. Here you can find everything you need during our project from all your files to how to contact me. You’ll have full access to this area throughout the whole project and time we’re working together.

How to communicate

If you have any small questions or comments throughout the project, the best way to communicate is to use the support request form below. Afterwards, communication will continue on that topic via phone, email, or text messages depending on the issue or request.

Following the above process allows for proper documented communication. Proper documented communication always means less confusion, which leads to better and faster results.

Modules below with a green icon mean they’re ready for your input or review. Modules with a red icon mean it’s complete and approved by you.


My typical communication time is Monday-Friday 5am-4pm PST

Communication is over email or text message during these times, calls are preferred to be scheduled. This ensures I can work on your project efficiently and properly document it.

Please review each module below to get started.