Retain – How to Keep Your Valuable Customers

In previous post, lead landing page Kelowna main purpose is to draw in new business and turn them into long-term customers. The 4 step sales process takes time and persistence. The setup of each stage of the process is key to attract, convert, close, and retain your new customers.

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Step 1 Attract More Leads by making your Website Desirable explains how lead generation is a process not an event. How you set up your processes is the key to attract, convert, close, and retain your new customers.

Step 2 Convert – How to get Prospects to Take Action. People visit your website for a purpose. The main goal is to have your prospects take action when they visit your website or view your landing page. A lead generation form are great for call to action.

Step 3 Close – 3 tips how to increase sales and close more deals This is the purchasing step. Congratulations on gaining your customers trust and interest to purchase from you online. Stay top of mind by making the purchasing process a positive experience.

Step 4 The final step is to RETAIN your customer. Have them keep coming back. Do this right and your customers will become your brand ambassadors.

Customers are your Brand Ambassadors

Congratulations on taking your new customers through each step of the sales process. A lead landing page Kelowna attracted new customers to your website, they took action and followed through by purchasing from you. Your new customers like what you offer and trust to purchase on your website.

So far you established a new customer. The initial purchase is just the beginning. Now you need to build a customer relationship to keep them coming back for more. The email address provided is gold and the leverage to keep the door of opportunity open. The goal is to continue the conversation with your customer. Keep them interested to come back and purchase again. Find clever ways to encourage your customers to spread the word tell their friends about the products and services you provide. Come up with a reward concept as brand ambassadors by offering special discounts or some type of VIP services.

Provide Value Email Messages

Make sure each email sent to your customer is valuable to them. Send messages with good content including interesting industry specific articles. Offer discounts and special offers. Create links to your website to open a lead landing page Kelowna offering coupons or gift certificates.

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Send important announcements about upcoming new services and product lines. Make it sound urgent as though it is breaking news and they are getting exclusive notice. Make sure to have clear goal why you are sending an email. Send out regular offers to draw interest. Make sure your offers show a deadline. Setup traceable offers and discounts in order to make it easy to measure your campaigns effectiveness.

Do Not Spam

Respect your customers email inbox. Never send out spam message to your valuable customers. Schedule regular e-newsletters showing value to your subscribers. None of us want to be inundated with email messages. The goal is to build your email list not to encourage customers to unsubscribed.

Over time you will need to make changes to your lead generation process with fresh lead landing page Kelowna. Each stage will need to be tweaked and improved. As your products and services change so will the process. Engage with your customers to increase traffic to your website to encourage purchases. Focus on each process stage by reviewing what needs to be improved. Doing this will inspire new customers coming to your website and valuable customers keep coming back.

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Published by: Mike Cooper - Founder of Black Mountain Media

“Storytellers rule the world”  – Plato

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Sales and marketing are simply creating and mastering the narrative that connects your business with your ideal clients and compels them to buy.

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