Soon Every Website Will Need An SSL Certificate

Google has made some drastic changes recently. For the past few years, google and all the other main browsers have been rolling out security measures.These security measures have gone from unnecessary, to recommended, to essential, and NOW MANDATORY!

All URL’s starting with http need to be changed to https (SSL)

All website links (URL) begin with http which stands for hypertext transfer protocol. It is the original foundation code for internet browser. As http is not equipped security measures encryption in place, it made it vulnerable to numerous cyber-attacks. Introducing https. The “s” at the end of http signifies security and encrypts communication. Most ecommerce sites as well trusted brands have been moving toward this secure encrypted online platform for a while now. The goal being to ensure your website is security. This is especially for credit card information is safe through the entire journey while on the website.

What needs to be done to have your URL show https

Presently any http server between you and another computer is able to see credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and any other sensitive information. This is because there is no encryption to stop communication.

Necessity SSL Certificate (https)

To stop hacking and cyber-attack intrusion, every website needs to upgrade a SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer). The purpose of SSL is to create an encrypted connection via your web server and the visiting web browser. Communication is transmitted without the interference of prying, data tampering, or counterfeit. Information is only legible to the server you are sending it to making the connection secure and safe.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is required for PCI Compliance

For your website to accept credit card information, there are certain audit criteria you must pass showing you are complying with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. One requirement is properly installed SSL Certificate for your website.

How will visitors know my website is safe?

When your website is visited, the browser displays a padlock icon and https:// prefix to your URL address. Visitors will know it is safe to send sensitive information such as credit card information to your website.

What noticeable website traffic changes will happen?

Your website will in short order be secure with strong encryption including;

  • A domain validated (DV) certificate which verifies your ownership of the domain
  • Reassures your site visitors your website is safe and secure.
  • Boost in your website google ranking
  • The address bar in the browser turns green indicating this website is encrypted with a SSL Certificate. This tells your website visitor they are on a safe site.
  • Each browser will indicate with their own icon the site is safe

Who should purchase an SSL Certificate?

All websites will eventually need to purchase a SSL Certificate. Top priority right now if your website is set up to receive credit card payment. The next is providing access to your website via username or password such as taking online courses. Finally, website traffic Kelowna directed to your site is recognized as secure. Show your website is safe for visitors by displaying on any browser your SSL Certificate. Please note a SSL Certificate will require being renewed annually.

What are the consequences not adding SSL Certificate to your website?

Eventually, your website will be deemed not secure and will show in the browser on the left of your address bar. As well your rankings will be affected. 1st page results could easily drop to the 2nd or 3rd page or more in search engines.

How does an SSL Certificate get added to my website?

To purchase a security socket layer (SSL) certificate can be done from a certificate authority. The best option would be to contact your web host and find out if they have registered as a certificate authority.

Social Driven Sales Certificate Authority

Social Driven Sales is your certificate authority and ready to upgrade your website to https status. Along with our knowledge base, we provide reliable, trustworthy, and technical support. We recommend you upgrade your website to https before google benchmarks your website URL as insecure. Contact us if you have any questions.

Published by: Mike Cooper - Founder of Black Mountain Media

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