Techniques How To Improve Your Search Rankings

Technology has provided us instant access with infinite information at our fingertips. Type in any keyword or long-tailed keyword phrase in your search browser and voila, a list of URL’s appear

A common theme for many businesses is using the same keyword and long tailed keyword phrases as others in the same industry. This makes it very crowded and hard to stand out on search rankings. Competition is fierce to be found as the top three businesses for keyword search. Search engine optimization (SEO) analysis is a great resource to establish top search rankings.

What is an SEO Analysis in Kelowna?

SEO Analysis is a detailed report. The purpose of the analysis is to outline how a website ranks on popular search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. SEO analysis in Kelowna evaluates backlinks, citations, keywords and long-tail keywords. Website pages are also analyzed for flow and structure for keyword placement. The report provides important insight where your website ranks on search engines. It pinpoints where to improve for your website online strategy.

Occasionally, a key feature in the algorithm will go through changes. The change causes precisely placed keywords to suddenly shift and lower rankings. Stay alert for online articles pertaining to changes in algorithms. A online business specializing in SEO analysis in Kelowna can be of great assistance to alert you of these algorithm changes.

SEO Analysis information is gathering in three separate areas; search engine optimization (SEO), algorithm, and keyword optimization. Each area plays an intricate part in combining a thorough and detailed report.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Understand what your target audience search terms are, the better your website is to appear in search ranking.

SEO is positioning single keywords or long-tail keywords your customers are searching on the internet. A single keywords example might be ‘Christmas sweater’. Long-tail keyword are more descriptive and specific search terms. An example of long-tail keyword, ‘where do I purchase ugly Christmas sweaters in Kelowna?’

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Backlinks, inbound links, and citations are excellent tactics to increase your search engine optimization. To learn out more how backlinks and citations work, click on this link Backlinks and Citations are key to Search Engine Optimization. SEO best practice recommends to build overtime natural, organic, and earned results.

What is algorithm and how does it work?

Algorithm is a process of steps to solve a problem. SEO work alongside algorithms to find the most efficient way to solve a task and locate keywords. Here is where your single keywords and long-tail keywords are crucial. As people search and browse on the internet, algorithm known as spiders are looking for patterns. Algorithm process is done by an organized performance of task on the internet. It ranks a website content for keywords or long tail keyword phrases.

        What are Algorithm Spiders looking for?

Spiders are not interested or recognize quality or quantity of content on a website. They have no interest or recognize content as good or bad. The criteria spiders look to measure on internet searches and locate websites include;

  • amount of traffic
  • engagement
  • frequency of visits
  • length of time visitors stay viewing the content
  • the number of page visits to a website

Regular, fresh content, correctly labeled images, backlinks, and citations are a few of the criteria spiders collect. Each criteria effects how your website moves up in rankings on internet searches.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization is researching, analyzing, and choosing the correct keywords. It what drives traffic from internet search engines to your website. The most popular keyword search engines include Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The more you know the correct keywords your target audience are searching for, the better your website ranking for search results. Position keywords and long-tail keywords on different website pages.

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Keyword terms are use for both global and local search. The better you know the wording or phrase your target audience are searching, the more specific to build keyword optimization for your website.

SEO Analysis prepares a strategic keyword search to increase target audience to visit your website. Social Driven Sales delivers a detailed SEO Analysis in Kelowna. To learn more how we can be of assistance contact us for a free keyword search of your website today. Let’s start the conversation.

Published by: Mike Cooper - Founder of Black Mountain Media

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