3 Characteristics To Attract Traffic To Your Website

A website is the hub of all your marketing. The go to place for potential customers to visit and learn what your business offers in products and services.

Today, a website needs to work like a marketing machine. As every entrepreneur is in business to create a profitable business, the focal point needs to begin with their website. To attract and drive traffic for your ideal customers to find your website, make sure to have these 3 characteristics in place.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Landing Pages
  • Keyword Optimization

How do you pull it all together? Here are a few ideas to make it happen.

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Responsiveness website design

Responsive website design is crucial for internet traffic. It accounts for more than half of the people using a mobile device for search results. It is interesting to note Google boosts the ratings to a website that is equipped as mobile-friendly when it detects the search was done from a mobile device.

As for non-mobile friendly websites, google penalizes by decreasing rankings in search results. What does this all mean? A responsive web design mobile-friendly will be found in search results before non-mobile-friendly.

As described in this report;

Mobilegeddon is a name given by webmasters and web-developers to Google’s algorithm update of April 21, 2015. The main effect of this update is to give priority to web sites that display well on smartphones and other mobile devices. The change does not affect searches made from a desktop computer or a laptop.

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The goal of a responsive design is building webpages that can detect a visitors screen size and automatically change the layout to fit visually. If your web design is dated and not responsive, you are losing out on web traffic trying to find you. Before hiring a web designer do a little research. Take a look at their website to see if you like their style and fits with what you want for your business.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a great way to attract and convert potential business. A landing page is different than a page on your website. A page is visible and can be viewed at any time. To gain access to a landing page you need the URL or website link.

The purpose and advantage of a landing page is it has a specific purpose. Think of it as a call to action (CTA) platform for;

  • an upcoming event
  • specials you are offering
  • selling or introducing an e-book
  • sign up for a newsletter
  • enter a contest
  • purchase a service or products from your website
  • request a quote

When a potential client visits your landing page, make it easy and convenient for them to complete the action. Consider they came to your landing page for a purpose, so don’t make it difficult; make it reactive. Create a sign up form for a newsletter, request a quote, enter a contest, or register for an upcoming event.

Make it easy and convenient to purchase the product on the spot. Create a Paypal account with buttons for people to download an e-book, register for an event or purchase an item on the spot. Get them to commit or purchase upfront instead of hoping and chasing them down to pay. The transaction is completed and the client automatically receives the item. With a click of the mouse, technology today allows instant purchasing power. All this can be set up to be automated from signing up right through to payment process. Fast, easy, and convenient.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is all about choosing the right words to draw the right clients to your website. By researching high-performing keywords for your business and industry, this will drive traffic to your website.

A properly optimized website with the correct keywords is the driving force to provide relevant and targeted traffic. Through organic methods, optimization will grow at a steady, solid pace. Basically as algorithms become more familiar with your keywords, any links directly associated with your website will move you up in google rankings.

To stay optimized, the internet loves fresh content. The more current your website, with new content, the more frequent search engines will visit your website. As far as content quality, google is not interested or recognizes content as good or bad. Google looks at the amount of traffic engagement, the frequency of visits, the length of time visitors stay, and the number of page visits on your website.

Think what people are search for on google. The more you know the correct keyword optimization people are searching, the more google will keep your website at the top of search results. Why? Because more people are visiting your sight to find information from the keyword search in Google.

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Update your Website Design

Does your website need of an upgrade? As technology changes happen so quickly, a website needs an overhaul every two to three years to stay current with all the growing demands. Consider as well a new website will increase the effectiveness of competing industry specific and keep up with the continuous evolving of consumer behaviours. The next time you want to attract and drive traffic to your website, create a landing page using the correct keyword optimizations; as well make sure it looks good on a mobile device for better responsiveness from your ideal customers.

Still not sure what to look for or ask? Make sure you ask before making any final decision. Contact us to get your questions answered. We be happy to help you through the process to get a solid understand how responsive website design, landing pages, and keyword optimization all work together. As an online marketing in Kelowna, Social Driven Sales helps you be found on the internet.

Published by: Mike Cooper - Founder of Black Mountain Media

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Sales and marketing are simply creating and mastering the narrative that connects your business with your ideal clients and compels them to buy.

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