Fight Cyber Attacks with Website Security

A website main purpose is to provide a business with an online presence. Thus website security if often overlooked or thought of after an attack. The basic pages for almost all websites includes a list of services and products, who they are or about, blog posts, and contact information. When we view any page on the internet, we have no way to visually check or control all the flurry of infinite activity motioning in the virtual world. Cyber attacks on your website can happen at any time; this is why it is important to take action by having the proper security setup on your website.

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Website Security is thinking proactively 

Think proactively will keep your website safe from cyber attacks and predators. To ensure your website is operating at top capacity, it is important the maintenance for Security, Performance, Features, and Functionality are all operating properly. Most importantly, it is necessary to have the correct tools and techniques to keep your website working properly. Crashes, hackers, user error, and adding new themes or plugins can cause issues. It is possible your website may not have the ability to collect orders or supply information properly to your customers. As a result, this turns into lost business revenue.

Why security is necessary for your website?

  • Lockout malicious attacks that can crash your website
  • Schedule automatic backups on and off the server for redundancy
  • Block IP address with bad reputation to reduce hackers
  • Stop malicious script from reach your code and spreading viruses and malware
  • Keeping your website running fast by blocking bots from wasting server resource

Additional security for your website is an investment. Your website is a major part of your online presence. With no protection you are vulnerable to attack which can be very costly to fix.


Consider a backup plan for your website on a daily basis. This protects your content from any system failures, accidental damage or malicious attacks. Have a backup system set up on your computer for recovery backups; in case of hardware disaster you always have a copy of your website.

If you are unsure how to do backups on your website, find a website management business that has the expertise to take care of it for you. The cost can add up very quickly if your backups are not done properly.

Regularly Update Plugins and Themes

WordPress is constantly updating to a newer software version. Part of the reason is to be proactive by staying ahead of hackers. On a regular basis, it is strongly recommended to update plugins, themes, and WordPress to the newest version. When you do this your website will then have

  • Increase security
  • Decrease vulnerability
  • Strengthen your customer management system (CMS)
  • Reduces the chances your website being hacked or compromised

There are many automated services on the market that say they provide security. If you are unfamiliar with the technical terms and procedure to follow, you may inadvertently cause more issues creating a domino effect you are unable to correct. Check with a professional WordPress website management business if you are hesitant what needs to be done. Better to lean towards the cautious side before stepping into unknown territory and damaging further your website. There is the possibly crash your website.

Take the necessary steps to update your website for better performance and additional security. If you feel hesitant or any anxiety doing it yourself, listen to your gut and contact Social Driven Sales your WordPress Website Management Professionals. As your Kelowna website development business experts, we recommend keeping your website security up to date.

Published by: Mike Cooper - Founder of Black Mountain Media

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